About The Course

Nursing 420 Care of the Complex Client is a course designed to build upon your prior learning from other nursing program courses. Principles of nursing care delivery and management of the care of patients will involve more complex medical-surgical health care problems. Content includes nursing case management models, roles and strategies used for managing high-risk client populations and for providing comprehensive care coordination, brokerage, monitoring, discharge planning, client/family advocacy, and nursing interventions. Pathophysiology and disease process content will be reviewed with additional depth and complexity for deeper understanding of the care of the complex client. In addition, this course is digitally enhanced, meaning you will be required and expected to use digital tools inside and outside the classroom for coursework. Healthcare is increasingly using technology in patient care and patient documentation, specifically important to the role of the nurse. Although this may stretch your comfort with technology and digital tools, there are many resources available to support this growth, including the course instructor.