Weekly Instructions

Links to each week’s activities and assignments are embedded in the table below. To access details pertaining to each week, please click on the topic in the corresponding week.

Week Date Topic Due
1 1/21 Course OverviewIntroduction to Critical CareIntroduction to Case Management Reading(s) & OA#1Homework
2 1/28 Vulnerable PopulationsCase Management ModelsIntroduction to HemodynamicsCardiovascular System Review Reading(s) & OA#2Homework
3 2/04 Understanding Heart FailureCardiac DysrhythmiasMyocardial Infarction Reading(s) & OA#3Homework
4 2/11 Coronary DiseaseHemodynamic Monitoring Reading(s) & OA#4Homework
5 2/18 EXAM 1Introduction to Airway Management Reading(s) & OA#5
6 2/25 Pulmonary System ReviewAirway Management and VentilationRespiratory Failure Reading(s) & OA#6Homework
7 3/04 Endocrine ComplicationsHHNKDKARenal System Review Reading(s) & OA#7Homework
8 3/11 Management of Renal Disease and Renal FailureCare of the Burn Patient Reading(s) & OA#8Homework
9 3/18  *Spring Break* No Classes
10 3/25 EXAM 2Sepsis and Sepsis Protocols Reading(s) & OA#10
11 4/1 Multisystem Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS)Managing ShockEnd of Life Care Discussion Reading(s) & OA#11EBP Policy PaperHomework
12 4/8 Hematological DisordersDIC and HITGI Bleeds Reading(s) & OA#12Homework
13 4/15 EXAM 3Trauma/Disaster Preparation Reading(s) & OA#13
14 4/22 TraumaDisaster Preparation Continued OnlineGroup Work Reading(s) & OA#14Homework
15 4/29 Neurological System ReviewCode FastBrain Injury Reading(s) & OA#15Homework
16 5/6 Group Digital Storytelling Reading(s) & OA#16
16 5/14 Final Exam 1030-1230 ½ cumulative; ½ content from weeks 14-15

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    I was wondering if there was a way for you to enable a search feature on this web portal? Like if I were able to search the word “communication” or whatever, all pages with that topic would pop up? Let me know what you think. I have a feeling it would be helpful to a lot of us:)
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    1. Hi Marylou, Do you mean on this page? Or for all student blogs? Or? Clarify for me and I can see if it is possible! Jaime

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