I am sorry we ended so abruptly in class. Thank you to the last three groups for speeding your presentations up to get everyone in! I cannot express how proud I am of you and your presentations – your creativity, diverse approaches, and overall impressive efforts made for an educational and fun last day together.

Housekeeping: 1. Please send me your Animoto, Google Presentations, Videos, PowerPoints, VoiceThreads, etc that you did. 2. Email me if you would like to meet from 8-9am or 10-11am tomorrow, Friday, or next week. 3. Email me if you DO NOT want me to share your work…. I think I see an innovations at CI blog about your presentations in the near future! 4. Don’t forget SRTs – just takes a few minutes and is appreciated by all of your faculty. the future

I look forward to seeing you all this Friday to celebrate your achievements! You are an amazing group of students, who I expect great things from and bright lights ahead for all of you. Hugs, Jaime


ATI Review Tips Post Test Overload!

Information for ATI remediation or if you want to review weakest areas!!

Log in to ATI – My Results tab
Review the Assessment Report for the exam, which provides a list of Topics to Review.
Obtain a focused review by selecting on the Focused Review next to the Assessment Report and click Create. On the next page, click % of your final score (eg 50-70%) in the ‘sections where percent is below __’ to obtain areas of focus review; then Create Focused Review.

Choose at least 2 content areas in which the results fell below Level 1; it is highly recommended to choose the 2 lowest scored areas, reflecting the need for further focused review relating to the specific content in the course. Identify the ATI study plan by choosing two or more activities identified by ATI and/or resources from the course (textbook, etc).


Self-Care Practices BSN Information

Self-Care Practices of Baccalaureate Nursing Students – Study Participants
If you have completed the pre-survey, and are currently planning to complete the 9 exercise classes to be eligible for a raffle- this is just a friendly reminder that this is the last week for you to complete those classes as the exercise study ends on April 25.
This is a great opportunity for you to give yourselves a legitimate study break before finals to do something to help with your stress level.  We really appreciate your participation in our study.

Colleen Nevins, RN, MN, DNP
Jacqueline B. Sherman RN, PhD​
Brooklyn Steinfeld
Elizabeth Vinci
Jessica Wager

Copyright basics

We are not always as conscientious about copyright laws as we should be. Do you understand copyright? What about the photos you post? What about the presentations you put together? As you prepare your presentations, and continue to blog, I wanted to be sure you are informed and are aware of creative commons. CI Teaching and Learning Innovations site has put together a great resource about copyright. Check it out!