Week 3: Cardiac

Module 2

This module began Week 2 through Week 4 covering Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular issues and topics.

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe acute and chronic cardiac conditions including pathophysiology, presenting signs and symptoms, etiology and contributing factors, sequelae and progression, and goals of nursing management
  • Compare and contrast acute versus chronic disease illness related to hemodynamic stability and cardiovascular function
  • Identify key nursing management strategies for patients with cardiovascular dysfunction
  • Categorize appropriate nursing care planning (assessment, diagnosis, goals, interventions, evaluation) related to the patient with cardiovascular dysfunction

Required Reading

Classroom Learning Activities

  • Cardiovascular Lecture and Discussion
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring continued
  • Techy Time


Group Project Work

Use the QSEN Teamwork and Collaboration guidelines to create a plan, model, outline, or guidelines for your group members. Consider the following:

  • Member strengths, limitations, and values
  • Team member roles and accountabilities
  • Communication style
  • Leadership style
  • Strategies for successful team functioning

Post your groups plan in a blog post, google doc, image, or any other method to share with peers on our course site. Use this as a guide as you forge ahead in your project plans. This is a required part of the project per rubric. See group project guidelines.


1. Complete your group project rules and guidelines. See guide (link here). Print, complete and submit in class or email to me.

2. Go to ATI and complete Targeted CV practice assessment. See email for ID codes and passwords for ATI practice assessments.

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