Week 4: EKG and Hemodynamics

Module 2

This module began Week 2 through Week 4 covering Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular issues and topics.

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe acute and chronic cardiac conditions including pathophysiology, presenting signs and symptoms, etiology and contributing factors, sequelae and progression, and goals of nursing management
  • Compare and contrast acute versus chronic disease illness related to hemodynamic stability and cardiovascular function
  • Identify key nursing management strategies for patients with cardiovascular dysfunction
  • Categorize appropriate nursing care planning (assessment, diagnosis, goals, interventions, evaluation) related to the patient with cardiovascular dysfunction

Required Reading

  • Morton Chapters 9, 11, 14

Classroom Learning Activities

  • Career Center Guests Amanda Carpenter and Patty Dang
  • Cardiovascular continued, EKG interpretation focus and discussion
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring continued
  • To Code or Not To Code (post discussion blog to consider/read)


Find a webpage, article, or resource focused on newest technology, trends, or procedures related to cardiovascular health. Blog your opinions and thoughts about what you find!

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