Week 5: Test and Breathe

First half of class will be the Exam. Please come prepared to start the exam at the beginning of the class. Bring a scantron and pencil. Put your belongings in the back, front, or along side the room. Quietly leave when you are finished and plan to return at 1320.

Module 3

This module covers Week 5 and 6 covering Pulmonary Diseases, Respiratory Failure and Airway Management.

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe acute and chronic cardiac conditions including pathophysiology, presenting signs and symptoms, etiology and contributing factors, sequelae and progression, and goals of nursing management
  • Compare and contrast acute versus chronic disease illness related to the respiratory system and pulmonary function
  • Identify key nursing management strategies for patients with pulmonary diseases and respiratory failure
  • Categorize appropriate nursing care planning (assessment, diagnosis, goals, interventions, evaluation) related to the patient with pulmonary diseases and respiratory failure

Required Reading

  • Morton Chapters 15-16

Classroom Learning Activities

  • Exam 1 12:05-13:05
  • Guest lecturer: Carl Bezanson RT
  • COPD Real Life ATI Scenario


No Homework! Take a moment to do something for you!

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