As I was reading through all of your first week posts and your initial thoughts about blogging, I have to say I have an overwhelming sense of pride. So let me explain …

I equally love and hate technology.

Technology is challenging, whether it is just getting logged in and started on what you want to achieve, or change a font or background, or figure out how does it seem ‘so easy’ to others, it is still frustrating beyond belief. I get it. I am amazed at your willingness to jump in and stand up to the challenge. I pretty much am anticipating many of you may surpass my skills and be teaching me. We are learning together. Small steps. There is no ‘perfect’ page.

Honesty is not given freely.

You have all been willing to honestly evaluate your thoughts and feelings. Reflect upon your learning. Evaluate yourself in both strengths and weaknesses. You say what you like and don’t like. However, you are willing to still try new things. Honesty and flexibility are wonderful skills for nurses, so this again makes me proud of you all. I know I am pushing you and stretching your limits in some areas (mostly technology!). I have the intent to try to further develop your learning beyond what you thought you could do. Recording is difficult. Blogging can be long and frustrating. I greatly appreciate your openness to try and sharing your thoughts. The end goal: learning.

 There is never enough time

This is my life-long complaint. There is never enough time to lead/guide you to all the information out there. There is never enough time to try out themes, or edit and modify pages or posts. There is never enough time for patient education, collaborative care planning, and hand-holding. There hasn’t been enough time to individually help you through CI Keys, but CI Keys is new this year. Hopefully you are finding the videos helpful and don’t forget to share tips with each other! I am proud and excited that you are some of the first few hundred students signed up! Many times, if you just show up and do the best you can, you will make a difference. Your ‘best’ is significant. Be in the present moment and enjoy every moment you can.


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